6 Ways to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lost

6 Ways to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lost Blog POst

We all love our pets and want the best for them, which includes them being safe and secure with us at home, right? About 10 million pets get lost each year due to multiple factors, such as missing identification, environmental factors, non-secure perimeters, etc. We at Spoiled Rotten want to ensure the safety of each pet, even if they are not under our care. With July being National Lost Pet Prevention Month, we wanted to bring awareness to preventing pets getting lost and staying safe at home.


  1. Proper I.D

Microchips and identification tags are amongst the most popular and useful identification tools pet owners can get for their pets. These useful tools can hold owner’s contact information (such as phone number, address, etc.) that others can use to contact the owner of the recovered lost pet. Microchips can be implanted by any shelter or veterinarian at the pet owner’s request for a fee. Identification tags attach to the collar and are purchased at many pet stores, feed stores, or through pet supply companies.



  1. Safely Secured

Animal are indeed intelligent creatures! They can escape at a moment’s notice if they get scared or curious if they see access to a place to escape frighten things or uncharted boundaries. To secure your house check for 2 areas: 1) check for holes in the yard and fence or any other areas in the yard where a pet can squeeze through. 2) Close all doors, gates, and windows and lock them. Basically, secure any access points where pets could potentially escape!


  1. Properly Sized Collar & Leash

Pets can easily slip out of and escape from collars and leashes that are either too big or too small for them. Fitting pets with the proper collar and leash can eliminate dogs from getting lost when on a walk or traveling from place to place. Generally, a properly fitting collar is when you can fit two fingers between the collar and the pet’s neck comfortably, but not more than 2 fingers. Leashes should be restricted to about 6 feet if pets are going for walks, errands, and other events. Leashes that are shorter or longer have the potential to slip through the owner’s hand or make it difficult to manage. Additionally, harnesses can make it more difficult for dogs with stocky necks, like the bully breeds, escape as it is easier for them to pull out of their collars, even if they fit well.


  1. Proper Traininghuman-738895_1920

Proper training your dog to not bolt out the door, pull on walks, or even not to be scared about certain things can be a life saver not only to prevent from pets getting lost but can be helpful in other scenarios. If you feel like your pet needs training in certain areas, seek out animal trainers or seek a veterinarian’s advice.


  1. Safe Transport

When transporting your pet to the vet, errands, or really anywhere that involves a vehicle, it is very crucial to make pets are secure within a crate, proper fitting collar and leash, and the vehicle itself. For many pets, traveling in the car can be very stressful and the pet’s flight or fight response can be heightened. With that said, a pet’s reactions during transport can be unpredictable. This is where accidents and mishaps can happen the most! Scared pets can panic and bolt out of the car and run into the street. This all can be avoided with proper fitting collars and leashes and secured crates. Additionally, if your pet is very anxious in the car pet owners can use calming sprays and prescribed medications from the vet to help calm the pet down.


  1. Hire a Pet Sitter

Sometimes pets can get stressed out when their owners leave them home alone and they can dig or break out of the house or yard. If they are secured in the house without access outside, they can cause damage in the house and could harm themselves. Hiring a pet sitter to step in for the pet owner during their absence can be a relief for not only the pet owner but for the pet too! Having a pet sitter with your stressed pet can reduce their stress levels and keep them safe while keeping your house and yard in tack. Not only that, your pet will receive positive attention, affection, and care from a caring individual. We have a team of highly trained, qualified, and professional sitters who would love to spend time with your pets and are ready to assist.  If you’d like to hire us to care for your pets, click here.


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