Get out there and park!

Summer is just around the corner and Spring is in full swing! I bet you and your best four-legged friend are ready for some outdoor adventures! We’ve compiled a list of what we think are some great Off-leash Dog Parks around the Sound. So lace up those sneakers, don’t forget to stretch, and go have fun!pexels-photo-215957

Wapato Park Off-leash dog park is located at 6802 S. Sheridan Avenue. It has three fully fenced dog parks! One of these is designated for small puppers only. There are benches and shelters, as well as water, which is provided beginning in Spring. If you’re interested, check out the rest of what Wapato has to offer! There’s a great paved path around the lake and lots of wide, open spaces for your pup to run about (on a leash, of course).

Rogers Off-Leash Dog Park is located at 3151 East L Street. This park offers 1.5 acres of fully fenced dog heaven. Lots of open space along with a water fountain. A bench and shelter is provided as well.

Point Defiance Park Designated Off-Leash Area is located at 5400 N. Pearl Street. Please note, this dog park is only *partially* fenced! This park offers 7 acres along Five Mile Drive, to the south of Fort Nisqually. Along the roadway and waterfront bluff are there is fencing, but only in these places. The rest of the park is unfenced. There is 1/8 acre fenced area designated for small dogs. You can access this park from the above address directly, or you can park at the Fort Nisqually picnic area and walk south until you reach the park. There is also an entrance area off Mildred Street to the west.

Fort Steilacoom Dog Park is located at 8714 87th Ave SW in Lakewood. It offers two fully fenced dog parks, one for small pups and one for larger dogs. All total, it equals 22 acres of fully fenced, off-leash bliss for your pup! Both parks also offer benches, shelters, and water fountains for your four legged friends! When you’re done there, take a nice cool-down stroll around Waughop Lake, which is flat and paved. Please note that Fido needs to be on a leash when outside of the Dog Park.

Clarks Creek Off-leash Dog Park is located at 7th Avenue SW & 18th Street SW. This park has 2/3 of an acre and is fully fenced. There are also many trails winding throughout the park, but your pup must be on a leash if you’re going to explore these.

Rainier Woods Park is located at 2610 Cherokee Blvd. It offers a fully fenced area. What it lacks in size, it makes up for because it has obstacles for your energetic buddy!

Tubby’s Trail Dog Park is located at 2120 14th Ave NW. This awesome park offers 9 acres of fully-fenced grassy goodness, which is broken up into Large and Small Dog Parks. This park has an interesting history, as it is named in honor of a Cocker Spaniel named Tubby, the only casualty of Galloping Gertie.

Rotary Bark Park is located at 10100 Bujacich Road NW. Parking is in Fire District #5 Headquarters Lot. This 15 acre fully fenced off-leash park offers over a mile of trails for you and your pup to explore! Trails wind in and out of old growth forest, a change up from the usual flat, grassy park. When not in the fenced dog park, please keep your buddy on a leash.

We hope you and your dog enjoy visiting these parks! We would love to hear about your adventures!

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