Our Team

Why choose our team of professional and dedicated sitters to care for your pets?

Our team of sitters are the best of the best and hold a variety of desirable qualities and skills. We demonstrate our regard for excellence in pet sitting by paying sitters more than the industry average and treating them fairly and with kindness. In our experience, employees who are valued give that esteem to their clients, human and pet alike and we want our clients to receive the best care! Each Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitter is equipped their own skills and expertise that we feel will provide you with the best pet sitting service! 

You’ll find that our team holds these traits:

  • knowledgeable
  • experienced
  • caring
  • reliable
  • responsible
  • honest
  • trustworthy
  • detail-oriented
  • careful
  • dedicated to the best service!

How do we hire our sitters?

When sitter applicants respond to an opening at Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting, they receive a lengthy and detailed application. This application process allows us to discover the serious and dedicated individuals. We are thorough in our interview and hiring processes, carefully checking each sitter’s background and references.

If we find that the applicant would be a great fit for our team, we invite them to join our team. Once hired they complete an orientation to allow time for sitters to be trained to meet our high standards of pet care. After orientation is complete, new sitters are monitored by our lead, experienced sitters. With our commitment to hiring sitters who meet our high standards, we reward them however we can so they will give their best to you. 

Want to learn more about our team individually?

Meet the faces of Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting below, by clicking on the “READ MORE” button under each profile picture.

Vaughnie W.

As a passionate animal lover and caregiver, Vaughnie gives her all when caring for her clients. She began pet sitting for a different company in 2012 and fell in love with her job! Her passion brought her to Spoiled Rotten in 2016. When the previous owner spoke of retirement, Vaughnie decided to take a leap … Continue reading Vaughnie W.

Terra N.

Terra has had a deep love for all animals scaly since her childhood. She began working with SRPS seasonally in 2021 and came on permanently as of 2022. Terra works part time and provides some relief for Vaughnie when needed. Terra is the proud pet parent of a pup named Leeloo and a kitty named … Continue reading Terra N.