Fourth of July Tips!

Freedom Fests and firework displays are right around the corner. If you’re anything like me, you’ve come to sort of dread the coming holiday because of one reason: Your dog. Fourth of July is a big deal and so many people love to get out and celebrate by having BBQs and lighting fireworks. Here’s some tips to help your beloved pet keep their sanity, as well as help you keep yours.

1. Get all your pups exercise done as early as you can. Adding an extra 10 minutes to your walk can help get your pup tuckered out before the fireworks even begin. After you’ve exercised your pup, try to keep him/her indoors. Fireworks are scary when you don’t fully understand them. The loud explosions probably sound like a war zone to your furry friend, and being outside will just increase the fear they are experiencing.

2. Set up a nice quiet space for your dog. A nice cozy bed and their favorite toy, accompanied by some (not too loud) white noise can make a huge difference! Try some classical music or turn a box fan on high to drown out some of the noise of the fireworks.

3. Make sure all your pups information is up to date. This includes their ID tags as well as microchip information, if applicable. Make sure they have their collar on and it’s snug enough that it won’t easily slip off their head if they happen to run off.

4. Maybe try an anxiety wrap such as a Thundershirt. I can’t say that I’ve personally used one yet, but I hear rave reviews about them! These wraps are easily found on Amazon and many come with 1-2 day shipping if you are a Prime member. They also sell Thundershirts at retailers such as PetSmart, PetCo, and Mud Bay.

5. It’s quite possible that none of these options work for your pup and a trip to their Veterinarian might be warranted. There are anti-anxiety medications that may be able to offer your sweet friend some much needed relief from the excitement of the night(s).

So many pets go missing on the Fourth of July, let’s help keep your pup safe at home! We at Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic, safe holiday!

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