Holiday Gift Ideas

Winter Holidays are here!! With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to forget our furry friends. We’ve compiled a list of toys so you can surprise you’re special animal friends on the big day.


For Horses

The Jolly Ball comes in many different colors and some are even scented! These large, handled balls are perfect for out in the pasture or hanging in your horse’s stall. The Jolly Ball is also loved by many a dog! Great for large breed pups who love to play fetch or just have something to gnaw on. Follow the link below to one of the many Jolly Balls available on Amazon.


For Chickens

A swing for your chickens! Help alleviate boredom for your feathered friends with this swing. For chickens of all breeds and ages, the manufactures of The Chicken Swing say their special design allows the chickens to swing themselves! That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. The chickens aren’t the only ones enjoying this swing, I mean, who wouldn’t smile at a chicken on a swing? Click the link below to nab your very own!


For Dogs 

The Tire Biter is something I have bought, more than once, in the past. My dog, Palmer, currently has a brand new one, and one old one he’s still in the process of destroying. Palmer is a large breed dog and he likes to chew! Give him something with a squeaker and it will last about 3 minutes. In my quest to find something that would last, I came across Tire Biter. They’re great!

The Hyper Pet Kannon is for the pup with never ending endurance. I picked up one of these for my pup’s sister. She would chase after balls until her legs fell off, if you let her. I thought this would be the perfect gift to keep her happy, as well as my arms!

I absolutely love Bark Box and so does my fur kid! He gets so excited when the box arrives. I always set it on the floor so he can “open” it himself. He roots through until he finds the best toy and then he will spend hours on his bed just getting to know his new toy! The treats that come in the boxes are always top notch! They also come with little descriptions of all the items and a piece of cute paper with ever changing dog scenes! Scrapbookers will love this bonus feature.


For Cats

I just recently discovered the Kit Nip Box and wanted to share it with all our feline loving clients! It’s modeled after Bark Box, but is for cats! This monthly subscription box comes with a variety of treats and toys for your four legged friend to enjoy.

This is a cool cat toy that doesn’t require any energy on your part! With the push of a button, your cat can chase after a little “mouse” concealed under a piece of fabric.


In case we haven’t listed anything that strikes your fancy, here are links to some websites that sell pet and livestock supplies.




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