Susan C.

Susan first joined the Spoiled Rotten Team as an Office Coordinator back in 2013 and officially become the new owner of Spoiled Rotten in 2015. Her drive and passion for animals were always a part of her nature as she adopted rescues over several years and worked with the Kitsap Humane Society walking dogs and serving as an Adoption Counselor for dogs and cats. In addition to her experience with rescue animals, Susan has owned a well-established landscaping business for 15 years and worked as the Consumer Advocate at the Eddie Bauer for 7 years. This just goes to show that Susan is a passionate, hard-working, honest, sincere, innovative individual who inspires others to pursue meaningful and awe-inspiring animal care and bonding. Her beloved companions include Cash, an elderly black Retriever/Chow mix, Chester, a senior Border Aussie mix, and her cats Simone and Koko. Susan thoroughly enjoys geology, plants, and animals. With her unique knowledge of plants and landscaping, Susan’s garden consists of exotic and native plants! Additionally, she to likes hike, read, draw, design stuff, and cheer on her favorite soccer team, the Seattle Sounders!

Owner since 2015 and Pet Sitter at SPRS since 2013.